Sunday, October 31, 2021

A New Addiction

Well, that last one scared even me.  It was too long ago to remember what I was feeling at the time, so there's no explaining it.  Plus, my brain- and my creative abilities- have hit a wall that I hope is only temporary.  Anyway, this post's about addiction.  I'm struggling with an addiction of sorts, though not in the way you're probably thinking.  I'm addicted to a particular jobs website because I'm having employment issues.  Don't get me wrong- I've got a decent job, but things change, you know, life changes.  I've been poring over job listings, sucking up all the time I'd ordinarily be writing or reading, eagerly rising at ridiculous hours, hurrying to log in and enter all sorts of search terms.  One thing that's become crazy clear: employers should pay closer attention.  With staffing shortages, changes brought on by the pandemic and workers emboldened by new opportunities like working from home, starting their own businesses and the like , it's looking from the amount of time I spend searching like employers aren't catching on and upping their salary game to keep up with what's going on.  In my field of "expertise" which shall for the time be left unknown the salary ranges I'm seeing posted are insulting.  But it's not only in jobs for which I'd be qualified.  All fields seem to be sorely, disgustingly lacking.  Many employers should be embarrassed by what wallet squalor they're offering vs. the qualifications they're looking for.  I don't get it, especially in this age of new flexibility for job seekers.  In my particular field alone there are countless positions requiring degrees and boundless experience, yet offering hourly salaries that would make highschoolers scoff.   

Friday, October 1, 2021


 i am an apple

You know that saying

i'm sure you've all heard it

or maybe even said it yourself at

one time or another

i have no control over where i landed

or how close to the tree

sometimes when you cut into an apple that appears fresh clean and wholesome you find a small dark spot

a spot of rot so to speak

a spot of rot that should be cut out

the apple is good overall but theres that dark spot and sometimes it grows until the apple should be dispatched discarded and sometimes it just stays the same and no action need be taken

if the apple is never cut into the spot will never be found and the apple will appear insert air quotes here normal