Friday, March 18, 2022

Spendthrift (I'm trying to be nice here)

So anyway- 

It's amazing how fucking wasteful some people are.  I know of a human being, generally a good person to my face but in all honesty quite shallow and self-important, who puts on this air of   "save the environment", "recycle", "healthy habits", "reduce/reuse", "compost", etc., etc., etc.  Said wastrel probably tosses out more food in a week than I buy in two or three.

  Yeah, the broccoli, parsley, peppers, yams and oranges were in his trash. And don't even get me started on another bag the following week that weighed about 40 lbs. and was full of partially eaten takeout, ribs, steak, sausages, a full, unopened container of fresh chicken breasts, soups, sauces, and yeah, more produce that was only slightly not fresh.  And he's the type that only buys "the best", so you know it's not the cheap shit that the average person can only afford.  In today's world, where so many are struggling to make ends meet and can't afford even the basics, seeing this shit makes me sick to my stomach.

Okay, I'm done.


  1. Well at least it is good to see you writing :). To many Americans waste food. They do not know what it is like to struggle.

  2. OMG did you hit a raw nerve here with me too, Waste bothers me, A LOT. I Worked as a Volunteer for a Food Ministry for over 25 Years and one of the tasks we had was to wade thru Fresh Produce that was sent to us by Stores that could not Sell it becoz it wasn't 'perfect' anymore... or was gleaned from the Fields AFTER Harvest and left behind. The amount of people we were able to feed with the Leftovers that Society would have just Wasted was staggering. In my own Household they know if they're Wasteful, I'll come unhinged... Old Hippie that I am, I was going Green before it was a Fad. Right now The Man and I collect Aluminum, do you know how many people don't bother? Over 90% of Aluminum used has been Recycled, yet so much ends up Landfill bound too becoz people are too Lazy to bother to Recycle it... and they PAY you to bring it in. I make a tidy sum every Week bringing in Aluminum Cans that other people Wasted, plus it cleans up the Environment since Trash being thrown around is epic too... people can be such Pigs. Okay, I'm done now too. *winks*

  3. I used to go ask the grocery stores for their old produce go give to my rats and hamsters when I had 17 hamsters. A few would give me a bag of stuff and there was nothing wrong with it but they were going to throw it away.

    A lot of people who never struggled to put food on the table will throw away food. I don't. I only grocery shop once a week and we use everything. I grew up where some weeks all me and my brother had to eat for dinner was a potato that we had to cook on the propane bbq because our power was out. I don't waste food.

  4. I can't even comment. This pisses me off too much!

  5. Damn. That IS sickening, sad, infuriating...Sorry you have to see that, balanced. I hate those people too.

  6. We are indeed a wasteful society and it is really infuriating when you see how the lack of anything some people around the world have.

  7. I have found that the majority of people who preach loudly (about anything) and the last ones to do it themselves.

    I belong to a local buy nothing group on FB. My family thought I was crazy. My husband thought it was just easier to buy what we needed. Until I came home with a long board. Dog leashes. Home decor. Furniture (the good stuff, lane hope chests, etc.) and most recently, a new wheelbarrow which would have cost us $200. Not to mention how much stuff I have gotten rid of that went to people who could use it and not in a landfill.

    No one is laughing now.

  8. This afternoon I scrambled to cook up some vegetables that were turning bad; lovely as they tasted raw, we couldn't eat them fast enough. Wasting food, especially, is egregious.

    Be well!

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